Alycia Earhart

Jewelry & Artwork Care

Jewelry Care
Like all handmade jewelry, my jewelry should not be exposed to moisture (bathing, swimming, etc), oils, chemicals (this includes makeup, hair products, etc) or strenuous activities. and should be properly taken care of and maintained.

Each jewelry piece comes with a complimentary polishing cloth.  

Raw brass naturally oxidizes and tarnishes faster than other metals.  Each brass piece has been treated with Renaissance Wax, a polishing agent that helps preserve the brass's bright color and prevent oxidation (when your skin turns green.). This agent wears off over time, so periodic polishing and reapplication is recommended if you want to keep the same look.  Some people like the look of aged brass, so it's all about preference!  

Gold vermeil and gold filled items should be kept away from chemicals (including makeup, hair products, etc) lotions, oils, and any moisture.  You should also avoid strenuous activities while wearing your Oxbow goodies.  

Sterling silver will tarnish over time and can easily be polished with a proper polishing rag. Please note that any polishing will not only remove the natural oxidation, but the patina that has been applied in order to accentuate the details.

Artwork Care
A fixative has been lightly sprayed over each piece, but i recommend still handling with extreme care to avoid transference.  

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